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Event Horizon Telescope announcement

The Event Horizon Telescope is an international collaboration aiming to capture the first image of a black hole by creating a virtual Earth-sized telescope.

When: Wednesday April the 10th at 15:00

What: Connection to the Event Horizon Telescope Conference in Brussels

Where: Room Karlavagnen in Växjö

Link to the ESO page: https://www.eso.org/public/announcements/ann19018/

Here below a simulated image of an accreting black hole. Courtesy: eso.org

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Big Data Hackathon

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In the framework of DISA, we are organizing a Big Data Hackathon where there will also be programming cases with the ALTO data and simulations.

Key dates for the event are:

Mixer: March 22 (Friday)
Hackathon: April 6-7 (Saturday/Sunday)

Register here: