Published theses

Past thesis projects

High Energy gamma-ray behaviour of a potential astrophysical neutrino source: the case of TXS 0506+056, Nora Valtonen-Mattila, 2019 (Master)

Analysis of the Hard Spectrum BL Lac Source 1H 1914-194 with Fermi-LAT Data and Multiwavelength Modelling, Dominic François Sundbäck, 2018 (Bachelor)

ALTO Timing Calibration: Calibration of the ALTO detector array based on cosmic-ray simulations, Sotirios Tsivras, 2018 (Bachelor)

High energy gamma ray emission and multi-wavelength view of the AGN PKS 0537-441, Emma Fransson, 2017 (Bachelor)

Inverse Compton gamma-rays from Markarian 421: A study of GeV and TeV emission from Mrk 421 based on Fermi-LAT and H.E.S.S. data, Tom Andersson, 2016 (Bachelor)

Analysis of the high-energy emission of the BL Lac PKS 2155-304 with Fermi-LAT data, Tobias Möllerström, 2015 (Bachelor)