Open Science Hackathon winners!

And the winner of the Open Science Hackathon at Linnéuniversitetet in Växjö is… the A-team! The only team that for 24 hours got deep into the ALTO prototype data!

There were 8 teams, 3 of them started to look at our data but two dropped our case, therefore in the end 7 teams looked at the data tweets either from the US elections and or from diabetes and one never gave up understanding the data coming from an “awesome project” as they called it!

The A-team was composed by 4 people, two of which are exchange students and they are all invited to our Big Data conference in December 2019.

Congratulations guys and thank you!

A thousand thanks to Michael Punch for preparing the dataset, Tomas Bylund for being around for the 24 hours, Morgan Ericsson for the organisation and all the sponsors!